Tank Firing Mechanism


Gwent Cables was approached after the client had cleverly designed the safety mechanism for a tank. A cable loom had not been designed and specified (let alone built) and the handover date to their customer was rapidly approaching.

With no drawings or photos to work from, a cable loom needed to be created to get the unit working, be capable of being tested and could be archived for subsequent repeat builds. It also needed to be capable of being tested and then documented for subsequent repeat builds – all on an extremely tight deadline.

The first task was to establish the spec. Working with their engineering team, meetings were held around the clock as research and options developed. This close collaboration allowed us to quickly establish the scope and parameters of the work including:

  • What is the unit connecting to?
  • What spec/approvals will the selected components meet?
  • Are any parts ‘known’ or ‘mandatory’?
  • Do we have scope for alternatives?

They trusted our expert knowledge of the market and our ability to build to the military standards required. MIL spec circular connectors were the only components set in stone so we very quickly designed all the other connectors, wires and sleeving for the loom (this included d-subs, multi pin crimp housing and various power connections).

The research for the project involved methodically assessing which option was best for the application proposed. For example, in addressing the cable management aspect we considered lacing, cable ties and various sleeving products, finally deciding on a mixture of lacing cord and HTNS military grade sleeving.

The client was very impressed not only with the speed in which we delivered, but also that we had incorporated components that were fully traceable and available from stock, allowing for the loom to be built in such a way that it is fully testable.

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